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Build Economic Engine

In the study of macroeconomics, two of the most consistent findings are that innovation drives economic growth, and small businesses create the vast majority of new jobs. Technically speaking small businesses create all jobs since large businesses start small too. The future of Greater Springfield, and all American cities, rests largely on how we adapt to and take advantage of technology, as well as how we nurture our own entrepreneurs with economic gardening tactics and strategies.

expand iconRetain and Expand Existing Businesses

90% of all economic growth comes from existing businesses. Intensifying the work of the HITS (Hiring-Investing-Training-Space) Team will increase insights and problem solving and lead to enhanced business success. 

growth iconAggressively Pursue New Business Growth

Future prosperity must come, in part, from new business investment. Exposure and targeted marketing of Springfield-Clark County to carefully researched decision-makers in growing economic sectors is necessary to build the community’s economic base.

engage iconEnhanced Small Business Engagement

The vast majority of businesses in Clark County classify as “small business.” Increased collaborative education programming and outreach to support Clark County’s small business community is imperative.

eco iconSupport Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

Places serving as incubators for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship have a greater chance of entrepreneurial success. EXPAND 2024 will seek to forge more intentional collaborations to ensure Clark County Entrepreneurs have the ecosystem for success. By helping businesses improve their organizations and the skillsets of their workforce, we are also helping business grow jobs and retain top talent. Additional Funding will provide resources to develop and implement our community’s version of Pensacola, Florida’s Entrecon.











Why Ohio?

No Corporate Income or Profits Tax

No Corporate Income or Profits Tax

Ohio RanksNo. 9 in Competitive Labor Environment

Ohio Ranks No. 9 in Competitive Labor Environment

$2.7 BillionBudget Reserve

$2.7 Billion Budget Reserve

Ohio is One of the Top 10 Freight Destinations

Ohio is One of the Top 10 Freight Destinations

7th Largest Economy inthe U.S.

7th Largest Economy in the U.S., 21st Worldwide

Ohio Has the Fourth Largest Interstate Highway System

Ohio Has the Fourth Largest Interstate Highway System

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